SI has been Invited to Present at these Gatherings:

22nd DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation

Lead Jurior of International Panel of Judges

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March, 2010
Wilmington, DE

Presenter at Idaho DEQ Greenhouse Gas Emissions Workshop

Boise, Idaho

May, 2010


Keynote presenter to Packaging Committee of Association of Dressings and Sauces

Portland, OR

May, 2010


Educating Idaho High School Students on Energy Efficiency, on behalf of Idaho Power Company

IPC Idaho Service Territory

September, 2009 – Present

2007 Western Pollution Prevention Conference

October 24, 2007
San Diego, CA

Paperboard Packaging Council Annual Meeting    & Strategies Conference

March 6-8 , 2007
Chicago, IL

Sustainable Workshop Co-Presenter 

Sustainable Innovations was the highest rated session of    the annual meeting.

Integrated Design Laboratory Featured   Presenter:
"Energy Efficiency in Grocery Stores"

May 2, 2007 
Boise, ID

Paper Board Packaging Council

"Best Practices in Sustainability for Plant Operations "
technical forum.

May 15-17, 2007 
Atlanta, GA

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Utilize All of Your Assets:

Assets in your business take many forms: personnel, energy, water, feedstock, equipment, and packaging. Learning to view these assets as more than what they appear to be means considering the full extent of how you utilize those assets. Consider packaging: You order goods delivered in packages and expect to be billed for the goods. However, you are also paying for the package (not always listed on the invoice) as well. When first received at your loading dock or through the front door, the package is the first thing you see. Once you have unpacked the goods you need, the package normally loses its prominence. Here is your opportunity to out-think the competition. Make sure you can maintain the package as an asset either as something to be re-used, returned to the vendor for reuse and possible reductions in future packaging costs or recycled (sold) to a company which needs the, say, cardboard as a source of fiber or the plastic as a source of petroleum. If you receive goods in packaging which immediately becomes a waste, you are now forced to pay a second time to handle the package. 

SI will help you address your packaging assets to promote maximum utility and minimum costs improving your bottom line.

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