Meet the Founder

John Bernardo
Communicator / Scientist
Educator / Innovator


Master's: Science Education - Clarion University
BS: Biology - Pennsylvania State University
BS: Environmental Resource Management


Sustainability Strategist
Idaho Power Company

Adjunct Faculty
University of Phoenix

Sustainability Lecturer
Boise State University

Resource Conservation / Regulatory Compliance Manager:
Albertsons, Inc.

Pollution Prevention Coordinator:
Idaho Division of Environmental Quality

Business Assitance Program Manager:
Pima Co. Dept. of Environmental Quality

Five Years experience Managing:
Planetarium / Science centers

Four Years Service with the:
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

What Sevices Do We Offer?

Sustainable Innovations provides comprehensive analysis, implementation evaluation and ongoing support for introducing sustainable operations processes and technologies into your business culture. Focus areas include resource conservation, energy management, recycling, GHG emissions trading and development of Corporate Social Responsiblity reports.


What Do You have to Gain?

  • More Revenues & Profits
  • Fewer Liabilities & Expenses
  • Full Utilizations of Company Assets
  • Balance Opportunity / Responsibility
  • Enhanced Regard on Wall Street
  • Improved Company Image
  • Environmental Recognition Awards

Each Accomplishment Encompasses up to Six Specific Areas of Business Operations.

Environmental / Management / Political / Technological
  • Manage pollution prevention, sustainable development and recycling program for the secound largest U.S. food and drug retailer with 2,500 stores in 37 states and 240,000 associates: Annual revenue of $40 billion.
Environmental / Financial / Management / Technological
  • Reduce waste generation and energy usage, increase efficiency, and minimize operating costs: $100 million to the bottom line.
Environmental / Financial / Social / Technological
  • Develop new technology which diverts fruit and vegetable assets from landfill and wastewater operations to composting sites and customers’ gardens: ROI < 2 years.
Environmental / Financial / Political / Social
  • Develop and implement Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions trading program. Sold four rounds of CO2 emission reduction credits to international buyers.
Environmental / Financial
  • Negotiate higher rates for sale of recycled cardboard and plastics assets: Additional annual profit exceeding $1.5 million.
Environmental / Financial / Management / Political
  • Managed initial waste hauling bid process: $2.9 million in savings.
Environmental / Financial / Management / Political / Social / Technological
  • Negotiated and managed contract for state-mandated beverage container redemption, promoting regulatory compliance and increased customer traffic: Annual profit exceeding $1.9 million.
Environmental / Management / Political / Social
  • Initiate and manage transition of annual Company Profile into a Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR)
Environmental / Financial / Social
  • Develop environmentally-sound items for sale in retail outlets: Partial proceeds benefiting National Arbor Day Foundation
Environmental / Political / Social
  • Garner numerous awards for resource conservation, energy management, and recycling initiatives.
Environmental / Financial / Management / Political / Social / Technological
  • Use spent store Service Deli fryer oil as fuel for stores and fuel additive for tractor trailer refrigeration engines: Secured $50,000 Department of Energy grant to fund university graduate assistant.
Environmental / Financial / Management / Political / Social / Technological
  • Orchestrate development and growing industry-wide adoption of alternative, recyclable packaging for produce, poultry and catfish.